We don’t have an expensive board of directors. We don’t have generous corporate sponsors. We don’t have all the answers.

That doesn’t mean we can’t help.

Every kid has a dream, but not every kid has equal opportunities.

Our team runs a Los Angeles based, creative agency. We’ve been blessed with opportunities that have advanced our careers and brought us together.

We’re the lucky ones. Not every kid has access to good schools. Not every kid has a supportive family. Not every kid has a home, let alone a bed.

Every kid has a dream.

When we formed our agency we knew we had a platform to do something greater. Another opportunity that others didn’t have. We recognized an issue we connected with and a way to help. This campaign is about giving those less fortunate a better opportunity. A little more hope.

All money goes directly to purchase backpacks full of school supplies for the homeless children of Los Angeles. We take no profit and the billboard was paid for out of our pockets. 

These backpacks offer more than just tangible benefits. 

A backpack offers the luxury of belonging.

The notebooks, pencils, and crayons provide an escape from the streets, a chance to write down their ideas, inventions, and stories.

Again, and again, and again. 

Each backpack serves as an opportunity.


An AVONNI Global creative initiative